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We enhance the lifestyles of our military community members by advocating with our partner brands for the creation of exclusive offers that recognize their service.Our Military Customer Experience Cloud™ provides technology solutions for WeSalute Business customers to deliver comprehensive digital experiences to military audiences.

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We partner with top brands to make exclusive offers for the greater military community. Our partners gain invaluable access to our built-in customer base, joining a rich group of brands who’ve done the same. Together, we form a mutually beneficial coalition that aims to recognize the greater military community.How do WeSalute together? Through a seamless verification system and expert marketing. With distinctive products and programs that ensure ROI, keep data secure, and make tracking offer performance easy. And by providing an exceptional customer service experience, end to end. We unify our partner coalition under one common objective: to thank the greater military for their service.

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Engaged Community

Our engaged customer base and partner coalition combine to create a strong network effect

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Market leadership and expertise

Expert offer creation for the greater military community

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Military-grade marketing

Marketing that skillfully presents offers and content to a customer base we know better than anyone

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Security that’s unsurpassed

Complete data privacy for both partners and customers

WeSalute Father and Son Veteran Family

Engage with millions in the community

A more meaningful way to recognize the greater military community

Military Customer Experience Cloud

The world's only military customer experience cloud built purposefully to set brands up for success.With the WeSalute Business, Military Customer Experience Cloud, brands now have the ability to craft user-first customer experiences that meet the unique needs of a military audience. Leverage built-in technology solutions to address the needs of every touchpoint along the customer journey. Deliver connected commerce experiences that delight the military customer and build brand affinity.Experience a new level of brand engagement with the military audience like never before.

Brand Management

Achieve your brands’ integrated marketing communication goals across all channels and applications.

Offer Management

Publish and schedule Offer Content to be syndicated to multiple military customer touch-points along the user journey.

Connected Commerce

Leverage our commerce channels for the delivery of your military offer. With enterprise uptime and backed by world-class infrastructure we ensure your offer is delivered, every-time.

Insights & Analytics

Discover trends in your programs' performance and receive granular insights into your brands’ military customer experience.

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Deliver targeted offers to military affinity groups

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Bring your brand to the forefront of the military conversation

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Understand the customer journey to deliver real value

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Deliver customer experiences that bring your best customers coming back

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The fast, faultless military verification solution

WeSalute ID is an embedded military verification solution that quickly qualifies military customers, guaranteeing the integrity of your offers and protecting them from dilution. As the gateway to an optimized commerce experience, it’s an embeddable, secure, and easily-implemented product. Partners can customize and enhance the verification process by integrating with our APIs, while customers enjoy a fast, frictionless path to discovering and redeeming offers. We’re as close to instant, real-time verification as you can get, qualifying customers in minutes, not days.

Instant Verification in Real-Time

(Yes, it's this simple!)

WeSalute ID User Flow
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Quick qualification

Military verification that happens in minutes, not days

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A frictionless user experience

A user and conversion-optimized experience, where offer redemption is easy and partners build trusted relationships with the military community

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A seamlessly secure system

Verified users mean verified offer protection, so there’s no offer dilution or fraudulent claims

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Pain-free for our partners

An effortless experience for our partners, who are relieved of labor-intensive tasks like documentation and paperwork

Salute with us

Create a trusted relationship with your military customer in the shortest possible time between verification and checkout. Let the experts handle the burden of regulatory compliance.

WeSalute Military Community

We're experts in communicating with the greater military community and we're passionate about getting it right. When you partner with WeSalute, you get an engaged audience and a marketing team that nails the message every time.

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